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Joseph Andrews Book 2, Chapter 5

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Book 2, Chapter 5

  • It's time to catch up with Joseph again. He arrived at the inn a while ago on Adams's horse.
  • Unfortunately, all is not well in Joseph Land. The horse he rode in on threw him off.
  • While the hostess of the inn treats Joseph's leg, her husband tells her to back off. After all, Joseph is just a footman.
  • Of course, Adams isn't going to take this insult. He says he believes the devil has more humanity than the innkeeper. You tell 'em, Adams.
  • Adams's sassiness leads to a fistfight, and the hostess throws a pan of pig's blood in Adams's face to end it. He looks just like Carrie after prom.
  • One of the guys who weighed in about the justice of the peace (way back at the last inn) tells Adams he should sue for damages.
  • Unfortunately, Adams threw the first punch, so it doesn't look like he has a solid case.
  • Easy, says the random guy: just have Joseph lie for you and say you're the victim.
  • Adams is horrified, naturally.
  • The coachman is eager to get the heck out of Dodge, so the group gets ready to leave.
  • Mrs. Grave-airs, an occupant of the coach, refuses to travel with a footman. So much for Joseph getting a rest.
  • Mrs. Grave-airs's father arrives to whisk her away, so that problem gets resolved quickly.
  • Slipslop and others make fun of Mrs. Grave-airs's grave airs. Slipslop, after all, isn't too high and mighty to consort with a footman.
  • It's time for the story of Leonora to continue.

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