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Joseph Andrews Book 2, Chapter 6

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Book 2, Chapter 6

  • Talk about gossip. So Leonora gets a little hot and heavy with Bellarmine while he's recovering from his "fatal wound."
  • It's all good, because Bellarmine goes straight to Leonora's father to talk marriage terms.
  • Oh, yeah: there's the little matter of a dowry. Leonora's dad thinks dowries are extravagant.
  • He won't even part with a single shilling.
  • Bellarmine says sayonara and leaves without a single care in the world. He writes to Leonora and says that he's just not the one for her.
  • Leonora retreats to the house seen earlier from the coach, totally ashamed.
  • Oh yeah, and Horatio? That dude is still single and doing completely fine. Bachelorhood suits him.
  • Still, Horatio can't help but sigh when Leonora's name is brought up, though.
  • The end.

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