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Joseph Andrews Book 2, Chapter 7-8

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Book 2, Chapter 7-8

  • All righty, now we're back to Adams. Remember, he has the horse while Joseph rides in the coach… except in characteristic fashion, Adams totally forgets the horse and proceeds on foot.
  • After getting lost, Adams decides to take a little reading break with his beloved copy of Aeschylus.
  • All of a sudden, a gunshot sounds. It's a sportsman who's out hunting.
  • The huntsman isn't having much success, though. It's those dratted soldiers who kill all the game, he says.
  • The huntsman isn't talking trash about soldiers, though. He says that it's a totally noble thing to die for your country.
  • Adams agrees, even though he doesn't like all the swearing. He's a parson, remember?
  • In fact, Adams has a tangentially related story of his own.
  • It turns out that Adams has a powerful nephew who's an alderman of a corporation. You might say that this guy has a coveted vote.
  • Politicians all over want Adams's nephew's vote, and who pulls the strings? That's right, Adams.
  • Now, all Adams requests in return is a decent living from the people he helps. That would be Sir Thomas Booby (may he rest in peace).
  • Even though Adams doesn't have quite so much political advantage anymore, he still likes a little politics now and then.
  • Adams's sermons actually have quite a lot of politics in them.

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