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Joseph Andrews Book 2, Chapter 9

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Book 2, Chapter 9

  • The huntsman just wants to talk about the merits of bravery.
  • Actually, the huntsman has disinherited his nephew because of his nephew's lack of bravery. Yeah, don't get confused: there are two nephews being talked about here.
  • The two men suddenly hear a lady screaming about being attacked nearby. Who is it?
  • Adams offers to take his companion's gun in order to protect the woman in distress.
  • The huntsman looks at him like he's crazy and books it out of there. Bravery, shmavery.
  • Not to fear: Adams brings out his crabstick and hits the attacker over the head. You go, Adams.
  • The attacker runs off, leaving Adams and the woman alone.
  • The woman explains how she got in this terrible situation.
  • Turns out she was traveling to London when she fell into conversation with this dastardly dude.
  • He had some seriously sinister motivations, though.
  • Adams is pleased as punch that this lady is safe, and he thanks Providence.

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