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Joseph Andrews Book 2, Chapters 12-13

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Book 2, Chapters 12-13

  • Not so fast. A storm forces Adams and Fanny to seek refuge in an alehouse. Does this seem to happen a lot?
  • A little bit about Fanny: she's totally pretty, even though she has a tiny smallpox scar. She's also naturally genteel, even though she's not a high-class broad.
  • While the pair rests up at the alehouse, they hear a young man singing a song about lost love. Sigh.
  • Fanny goes completely pale. Is that singer who we think it is?
  • Indeed, it's our old pal Joseph Andrews. Fanny and Joseph finally meet and immediately start making out in front of everyone. Get a room, guys.
  • Slipslop is not enjoying the show. Remember, she has the hots for Joseph.
  • Although Fanny curtsies to Slipslop, Slipslop totally ignores her.
  • Anyway, this gives us the chance to talk about the two different classes—the fashionable and the unfashionable.
  • Adams follows Slipslop and is all, "Wait! Why don't you remember Fanny?" The poor guy can't take a hint.
  • Adams tries to take a nap, but Joseph wakes him up before barely any time has passed. He wants to get married to Fanny ASAP.
  • Adams says that the happy couple needs to hold off.
  • It's finally morning—time to head off. Too bad no one has any money to pay the bill at the inn.
  • Adams has a marvelous idea: he'll just go ask his clergyman colleague down the road.

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