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Joseph Andrews Book 2, Chapters 14-15

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Book 2, Chapters 14-15

  • Adams saunters on up to Parson Trulliber's house to ask if he has some spare cash.
  • Now, Parson Trulliber is more of a hog farmer than a parson.
  • Trulliber thinks Adams is there to buy a hog, which is totally okay with him. He encourages Adams to check out the hogs more closely.
  • Totally confused, Adams takes hold of a pig's tail. That's a mistake, because the pig throws him in the mire.
  • Trulliber thinks this is hilarious. But when Adams tells him that he needs to borrow some moolah, the joke gets less funny.
  • Trulliber says no way, José.
  • Adams really lets loose on Trulliber. He says Trulliber's no Christian, since he's not charitable. Burn.
  • Them's fighting words to Trulliber, who tells Adams to get off his property.
  • Adams is forced to return to Fanny and Joseph with zero cash.
  • Weirdly enough, the hostess tells them to be on their merry way. After all, she thinks Adams is Trulliber's brother (not his brother in the clergy).
  • Trulliber has such good credit that she'll let them off the hook.
  • Whoops. Adams forgot his hat and topcoat at Trulliber's house.
  • The hostess good-naturedly agrees to pick them up, only to find that Trulliber is not Adams's brother.
  • A poor peddler hanging around happens to see the dilemma. He pays for the group without batting an eyelash.

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