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Joseph Andrews Book 3, Chapter 12-13

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Book 3, Chapter 12-13

  • Back to Fanny and her kidnappers.
  • The dastardly captain tells Fanny that she won't be able to preserve her virginity for two more hours.
  • A passing traveler tries to help, but the captain assures the traveler that Fanny is just his adulterer wife.
  • A little while later, two armed horsemen meet Fanny and her kidnappers on the road.
  • One of them is none other than Peter Pounce, Lady Booby's right-hand man.
  • Although the captain tries to keep Fanny from leaving, Peter Pounce and company are tough contenders. Pounce takes Fanny into his carriage and ushers her back to the inn. The captain comes along as a prisoner.
  • Once again, it's reunion time. Joseph and Fanny are thrilled to be together again.
  • Before Joseph gets too carried away, he gives the captain a drubbing with his cudgel. Don't mess with Joseph.
  • Everyone sets out for the Boobys' countryseat together. Adams rides in style with Pounce.
  • If you know Adams, you know where this is going. The two men get in a fight over the meaning of Christian charity.
  • Adams is so hopping mad that he hops right out of the carriage and walks alongside Joseph and Fanny.

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