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Joseph Andrews Book 3, Chapter 2

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Book 3, Chapter 2

  • Are you afraid of the dark? Joseph and company sure are. They see a light at a distance that keeps vanishing and appearing again.
  • Okay, Adams isn't scared. After all, he has his trusty crabstick for walloping folks.
  • Joseph has his penknife, but he's still pretty scared.
  • The group hears voices yelling at them, so they skedaddle before things get too hairy.
  • After some running, the group arrives at a house in a little orchard.
  • A plain-looking man and his wife greet them and let them come in to rest up for a while. Fanny's totally exhausted.
  • Just as Adams gears up to tell the story about the "ghosts," their host tells them that sheep-stealers are abroad. Oh. There's always an explanation.
  • Adams seems to be kindred spirits with the host. After the host asks what Alexander Pope has published lately, Adams launches into one of his speeches about Aeschylus and the benefits of knowing Greek.
  • Fanny trots off to bed, being totally exhausted and all.
  • At this point, the host brings out some good beer. It's party time.
  • Adams tells Joseph's story and asks the host's story in return. The beer is flowing.

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