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Joseph Andrews Book 3, Chapters 10-11

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Book 3, Chapters 10-11

  • Leaving Joseph and Adams where they are for the moment, we get to catch up with the squire's men.
  • The poet and the player are talking about each other's professions. The poet thinks there needs to be more encouragement of writers. After all, those plays aren't going to write themselves, right?
  • The player pretends he's totally on the poet's side, but he's really just being pretentious. After all, he can't even remember the lines that the poet wrote.
  • Since both the poet and the player can't seem to get over themselves, shall we move on? Fielding promises that the next chapter will be one of the best in the whole book.
  • Joseph has a hysterical fit because he misses Fanny so much. His eyes totally overflow with tears.
  • Still tied to the bedpost, Adams tries to wax philosophical about Joseph's loss. It doesn't really help.
  • It's the role of a Christian to submit, Adams says. Still, Joseph's not having it.

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