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Joseph Andrews Book 3, Chapters 6-7

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Book 3, Chapters 6-7

  • It's time for Joseph to deliver a sermon of his own. His pet subject is charity.
  • Instead of collecting stuff, he says, you should get honor by giving stuff away. Preach.
  • Uh, Adams has taken this opportunity to nap.
  • The group notices a hare being chased through the woods by a pack of hounds. This is super distressing to Fanny, who's an animal-lover at heart.
  • In their desperation to get at the hare, the hounds tear off Adams's cassock. In other words, his wig gets ripped to shreds.
  • Worst of all, the owner of the hounds seems to be encouraging this mischief.
  • Luckily, Joseph whips out his cudgel and has at the hounds. This makes their owner pretty mad.
  • The hound-owning gentleman can't help but notice that Fanny's pretty cute, though. He invites everyone to dinner.
  • The squire tries to get Adams and Joseph drunk so that he has a better chance with Fanny. The scoundrel.
  • If that isn't enough, the squire hangs out with a weird crowd: a poet, a doctor, a player, and a dancing-master. They're closer to dogs than people, says our narrator.
  • The weirdoes make fun of Adams by offering him a "throne." It's actually just a tub of water that Adams gets dunked in.

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