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Joseph Andrews Book 3, Chapters 8-9

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Book 3, Chapters 8-9

  • Naturally, Adams is so offended at being dunked that he dunks the squire right back. Tit for tat.
  • Adams sure knows how to make an exit. He leaves with Fanny and Joseph before the squire can sputter a single word.
  • Now that the squire's recovered a bit, he wants Fanny back, pronto. He sends the captain, the poet, the player, and several other dudes to kidnap her.
  • Adams just has a knack for finding other religious folks; he starts yammering to a Roman Catholic priest.
  • This priest is particularly adamant that all wealth is evil. Preach it.
  • That is, until the priest asks Adams for a loan…
  • Adams realizes that he's totally broke. Where'd his money go?
  • Everyone crashes for the night at the inn, despite the fact that they're totally penniless.
  • So much for sweet dreams: Joseph gets woken up by the squire's men coming for Fanny.
  • Even though Joseph would die for Fanny's honor, it's no use. The squire's guys tie Joseph and Adams to the bed and head off with Joseph's gal.

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