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Joseph Andrews Book 4, Chapter 9-11

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Book 4, Chapter 9-11

  • Lady Booby makes an unexpected entrance at the Adams household. She's come to make sure Fanny ends up with the guy who just attacked her.
  • Hold up, what? Turns out the attacker is named Beau Didapper. He's a real gem (detect the sarcasm).Beau Didapper looks exactly like a stunted insect, and he's a jerk. That's all you need to know about him.
  • Lady Booby asks Dick if he can read Latin as well as his father. Them's fightin' words, lady. Dick reads a book about the friendship of Leonard and Paul as Adams leans over him to correct his pronunciation. Leonard and his wife frequently get in squabbles that Paul fixes by assuring each of them (separately) that they're totally in the right.
  • This lovely story gets interrupted when Joseph gives Beau Didapper a sound boxing on his ears. Lady Booby can't believe that Joseph would defend such a hussy. Even though Adams defends his buddy, Pamela and Mr. Booby still think it's a pretty bad match.
  • Joseph leaves in a huff with Fanny in tow.Lady Booby and her crew take off as soon as Joseph's out the door.Joseph's back. That didn't take long. Joseph's got Fanny and the heroic peddler with him. They stay for a lovely dinner served up by Mrs. Adams.

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