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Joseph Andrews Book 4, Chapters 1-3

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Book 4, Chapters 1-3

  • Lady Booby overtakes Joseph's carriage and catches a glimpse of that stud muffin's face. Yep, she's still got the hots for him.
  • Forget about Lady Booby—everyone in the parish flocks to see the great and benevolent Parson Adams. Who'da thunk he was a celebrity?
  • To be honest, Lady Booby never really stopped thinking about Joseph.
  • Before Lady Booby fired Joseph way back when, she got into a fight with Slipslop. The truth is that both women still want a piece of Joseph.
  • At church the next morning, Lady Booby's surprised to hear Adams's announcement that the marriage banns have been published for Fanny and Joseph. That means it's official, yo.
  • Lady Booby tries to sabotage the match by talking trash about Fanny and Joseph to Adams. Adams isn't having any of that.
  • And uh-oh: Adams informs Lady Booby that anyone who serves a year in a parish gets a settlement there for life. That means Adams is untouchable.
  • Since Adams heard this little tidbit from a lawyer named Scout, Lady Booby sends for the dratted fellow.
  • The lawyer Scout is one smart cookie. Rather than staying loyal to Adams, he plots with Lady Booby to break up Fanny and Joseph for good.
  • Justice Frolick is just the guy to make the impending marriage illegal. Insert evil laugh here.

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