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Joseph Andrews Book 4, Chapters 12-14

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Book 4, Chapters 12-14

  • The peddler is about to drop a bombshell on his dinner companions.
  • Turns out that Sir Thomas Booby (remember him?) bought Fanny when she was only a toddler.
  • How does this random peddler have such a good scoop? Well, his mistress told him the dirt before she died.
  • Apparently, this mistress traveled with a band of gypsies long ago. She stole a child—hold up, what?—and sold it to Sir Thomas. This kid was none other than Fanny.
  • The true parents of Fanny, the peddler says, are—drumroll—Mr. and Mrs. Andrews.
  • In other words, Joseph is set to marry his own sister.
  • Slipslop finds out this juicy tidbit and brings it to Lady Booby lickety-split. She might still have a chance now, right?
  • The whole gang has dinner together while Adams entertains them.
  • After dinner, Beau Didapper tries to sneak into Fanny's bed. Too bad he accidentally gets into bed with Slipslop. She screams murder.
  • Adams comes to the rescue. He's totally naked.
  • Adams tries to beat off the assailant, but he mistakes the bearded Slipslop for Didapper.
  • Lady Booby happens to poke her head in at the wrong moment. She sees Adams with his hands on Slipslop's breasts and thinks they have a thing going on. You know.
  • Adams is so confused by the whole ordeal that he goes back to the wrong room. Fanny's room. Poor Fanny.
  • Adams curls up on the foot of Fanny's bed and goes to sleep.
  • Joseph isn't too thrilled that his friend is in his fiancée's bed, but he acts cool.
  • Adams thinks witches put him there. Go figure.

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