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Joseph Andrews Book 4, Chapters 15-16

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Book 4, Chapters 15-16

  • Gaffar and Gammar Andrews are in the house. They're eager to see their beloved children.
  • Mr. Andrews has no clue that Fanny is his daughter.
  • Mrs. Andrews confirms the story's true. Sounds like someone's got some explaining to do.
  • Explanation: actually, Fanny was born when Mr. Andrews was away with the army in Gibraltar.
  • Everything happened exactly like the peddler said: Fanny was kidnapped by gypsies.
  • There's one little extra detail: they left Joseph in her place.
  • Celebrate! Joseph and Fanny aren't brother and sister, after all.
  • The peddler wants to check out Joseph's birthmark. He just has a hunch, he says.
  • Just like the peddler thinks, Joseph's birthmark looks exactly like a strawberry.
  • Shmoopers, it's time to jog your memories: that strawberry-shaped birthmark means Joseph is the son of Mr. Wilson.
  • Speak of the devil: Mr. Wilson randomly shows up and greets his long-lost son.
  • Lady Booby is the only one who can't celebrate; she's too mad that she's been foiled.
  • It's time for some more travel. This time, it'll be speedy: the group heads on over to Mr. Booby's country house.
  • There, Joseph and Fanny finally tie the knot.
  • Mr. Booby is throwing money around like it's nothing. He gives Fanny and Joseph enough to buy a house, and then he takes care of Adams for life.
  • Oh, yeah, and Lady Booby? She finds herself a nice, juicy captain to distract her from missing Joseph.

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