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Joseph Andrews Book 4, Chapters 7-8

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Book 4, Chapters 7-8

  • Are you ready for another Fielding diversion from the plot? Let's talk about deceit, ladies and gents.
  • Specifically, let's talk about why Lady Booby is all messed up with her approach to love.
  • Basically, a proper lady isn't allowed to show affection toward a man she likes. Instead, she should use all sorts of strategies to keep him at bay. Make sense? No? Not even a little?
  • Lady Booby has a new strategy now: she'll convince Joseph that Fanny is too lowborn for him to marry.
  • Even Pamela (Pamela!) tries to prevent the match from happening. After all, she's the exception to the rule, a maid who married her master, and there should apparently only be one exception.
  • In the meantime, someone else has his eye on Fanny. He spots her as she's out walking.
  • The next thing Fanny knows, some random dude is trying to ravish her.
  • It's Joseph to the rescue once again. He takes a couple of knocks to the face but successfully defends his lady friend.
  • Joseph and Fanny arrive back at the Adams household just as Mrs. Adams ends a long argument with Parson Adams. This can't be good.
  • The truth is that Mrs. Adams has motive to want Fanny gone: she wants Lady Booby to make her own eldest daughter the head maid when Slipslop leaves.
  • Adams couldn't really care less. He loves his friends and wants the best for them. Aww.
  • Joseph is sick and tired of it all. He just wants to marry Fanny ASAP.
  • Adams has a speech for that: Joseph needs to be patient and submit to Providence, just like Abraham did… Snore.
  • Some bad news arrives at the Adams house: Adams's eldest son, Dick, has been drowned.
  • Adams is totally distraught. He practically goes crazy in grief.
  • But wait. The peddler from Book 1 reappears with Dick. He saved him from drowning. Random much?
  • Adams is practically over the moon. He can't really lecture Joseph about keeping his emotions in check anymore.

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