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Joseph Andrews Manipulation

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Everyone in Joseph Andrews seems to want something from our poor hero, and few of them have any qualms about resorting to shady tactics. Parson Adams and Fanny Goodwill may be on the up and up, but basically all of the minor characters justify messing with Joseph's head in order to get at their baser desires: sex for Lady Booby, Mrs. Slipslop, and Betty, and money for just about everyone else.

So, is Joseph really as gullible as he seems? We'd say that he's at least a little wise to the ways of the road. It's better to be underestimated than totally predictable, after all.

Still, he's pretty gullible.

Questions About Manipulation

  1. Everyone wants to manipulate Fanny, but does anyone succeed?
  2. Why does Lady Booby wait to make her move until after Sir Thomas's death?
  3. Are the innkeepers honest folk trying to make a buck, or are they ripping off Joseph and his friends?

Chew on This

Joseph's commitment to purity stumps all the ladies who are trying to manipulate him.

Lady Booby realizes early on that Joseph can't be manipulated.

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