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Atik, Uma, and Sorqaq in Julie of the Wolves

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Atik, Uma, and Sorqaq

Atik, his wife Uma, and their baby Sorqaq are an Eskimo family who visit Miyax in her ice house toward the end of Part 3. They aren't there for long, and they aren't very developed as characters. But they do stay just long enough for Uma to tell Miyax that Kapugen is still alive, and that he is a powerful, wise, and important leader in their village of Kangik, just up the river.

Besides providing the novel with that key plot point, this family also happens to be the first direct human contact that Miyax has after her time out on the tundra. She's eager to talk to them (but refuses to do so in English), and they reconnect her to the human community.

What do Miyax's interactions with this family tell you about the person she has become on the tundra?

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