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Naka and Nusan in Julie of the Wolves

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Naka and Nusan

Naka is Kapugen's "serious partner" (2.8), or best friend with whom Kapugen can "work and think" (1.120). Miyax has fond memories of him from seal camp, but the man she remembers is not the man he is. Naka is an alcoholic, and he hits his wife Nusan when he drinks. The last we hear of him, he's in jail, and his wife has to go bail him out.

Nusan, wife of Naka and mother of Daniel, seems nice enough. But she's trapped in an abusive marriage, and doesn't seem to have much of a problem giving Julie the same fate. Nusan sews parkas and boots for the underprepared tourists who visit Barrow, and she puts Julie to work as her helper. Other than that, we don't know much about her, and when Julie flees their house at the end of Part 2, we never hear from Naka or Nusan again. We're not about to shed any tears over it.

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