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Julie of the Wolves Fear

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<em>Julie of the Wolves</em> is a survival story, so it makes sense that fear plays a big role. Miyax has to face all kinds of scary creatures and frightening challenges while trying to stay alive on the tundra. Plus, she has to deal with the sheer terror of the fact that she might not make it out of this alive. But through it all, our girl never seems to give into her fear. Instead of quaking in her mukluks, she just calmly takes care of business. But how in the world does she keep such a cool head?

Questions About Fear

  1. Do you think Kapugen's advice about fear (to change what you're doing because you're doing something wrong) is good advice? Why or why not?
  2. When in the novel does Miyax seem most afraid? When does she show the most bravery?
  3. Do any of the wolves ever seem afraid? When?                
  4. Do any of the other human characters ever show fear? When?

Chew on This

Miyax is most fearful of her fellow humans. Though she's sometimes scared on the tundra, it's humans that really get her heart racing.

Kapugen's teaching shows us that fear is impractical. Miyax, being a practical girl, knows that she must do whatever she can to never feel fear.

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