Study Guide

Robert Muldoon in Jurassic Park

By Michael Crichton

Robert Muldoon

Robert Muldoon, the park warden, drinks a lot and argues a lot, but he's the leader the park needs when everything falls apart. He'll order everyone around, even his boss John Hammond, if the occasion calls for it. He'll also "live dangerously," personally hunting escaped dinosaurs, the T. rex included, if that's what he needs to do.

Of all Hammond's employees, Muldoon seems to have the most sense. He's vocal about his opposition to the raptors and some of the other dinosaurs, in part "because they still knew so little about the animals" (3.25.30). At 50 years of age, with a background as a guide in Africa and as a wildlife consultant, Muldoon knows what he doesn't know. And he knows that the ignorance of the park employees is a big problem.

He also knows that they need bigger weapons. Boy, is he right.

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