Study Guide

Jurassic Park Fourth Iteration

By Michael Crichton

Fourth Iteration

Chapter 30: The Main Road

  • Rain pounds on the cars.
  • The ground shakes.
  • Tim sees something cross the road between the cars.
  • Yup: it's the Tyrannosaur.
  • Terrified, Regis runs out of the car, leaving the kids alone.
  • The Tyrannosaur grips the fence—it's not electrified.
  • Tim shuts the car door.
  • The dinosaur looks into the car. It attacks it.
  • Lex is knocked unconscious. Her head is bloody.
  • The Tyrannosaur lifts the car with it jaw, shakes it, and throws it off the road into a tree.
  • Seeing the other car simply gone, Malcolm flees, but he's attacked by the T. rex.
  • Grant gets out of the car but stands still. The Tyrannosaur can't see him if he doesn't move. T.-girl attacks the car, and Grant is thrown into the air.

Chapter 31: Return

  • Harding, Sattler, and Gennaro come to a tree blocking the road. They head back by another route.
  • In control, Arnold panics for a moment as the power goes out with the storm. The screens and lights return.
  • Muldoon enters the room and tells Arnold that a Jeep is missing. They assume that Harding will pick up the tour group.
  • Arnold has been trying to get the system back online, but he's blocked out by Nedry, who's locked the system.
  • No one knows where Nedry is.

Chapter 32: Nedry

  • Nedry pushes open a gate labeled "Electrified," drives through, and then closes it. He drives the Jeep toward the east dock, a mile away.
  • Nedry takes a wrong turn, gets lost, and finds himself at the jungle river. He gets out of the Jeep and hears hooting.
  • A dinosaur chases Nedry, then spits at him.
  • Nedry wipes the spit away, but he feels his skin burning. The next spit blinds him.
  • The dinosaur disembowels Nedry and then grips the dude's head in its jaws.
  • Bye, Nedry.

Chapter 33: Bungalow

  • Hammond and Wu have dinner.
  • Wu had wanted to check his database to see if the dinosaur creations had made been made with frog DNA.
  • Hammond tries to make a call, but the phone emits only static. He complains about Nedry.
  • Hammond confesses to Wu that he has fears about the park—specifically that it won't be done in time for him to see the delighted faces of the children who visit.
  • Hammond then gives his thoughts about the best use of modern technology by companies like his. He believes it should be used to entertain, not help mankind. There would be fewer government barriers that way.
  • Hammond has plans for many Jurassic Parks around the world. He's already taken steps toward building them.
  • Hammond says he owns this island and nothing—no scientists, no government—will stop him.
  • Meanwhile, Sattler, Harding, and Gennaro come across a bunch of compys. They decide to follow them to whatever dead animal they will be scavenging.

Chapter 34: Tim

  • Tim regains consciousness. He's still in the Land Rover. It seems to sideways. It's also moving. Downwards.
  • Yeah, Tim's totally in a tree. A Stegosaur passes below him.
  • Tim's watch is broken. He takes it off, gets out of the car, and then climbs and falls to the ground below.
  • Tim throws rocks at the Stegosaur. He looks around and calls for Lex. He hears something.
  • Muldoon returns to control with a black metal case.
  • Neither Harding nor Nedry has returned.
  • Wu discovers that frog DNA is in the animals the computers show are breeding.

Chapter 35: Lex

  • Tim finds Lex hiding in a pipe. He tries to coax her out, but she won't listen.
  • Grant finds the kids.
  • Hiding, Regis hears Lex. He climbs the hill, but he doesn't hear her anymore.
  • Thinking maybe that she's dead—and wanting to stay out of harm's way—Regis walks back to camp.
  • Grant checks the kids for injuries. Lex has some cuts, and Tim probably has a broken nose. They decide to wait for help to come rather than risk being trapped by the dinos.
  • The three of them hear a man coughing.
  • Grant runs to the edge of the hill. The kids follow.
  • Regis is at the bottom.
  • The juvenile Tyrannosaur plays with him for a moment before going in for the kill.
  • Grant grabs the kids and runs.

Chapter 36: Control

  • Arnold calls Harding back to the base.
  • Hammond demands that Arnold get the park online and his grandkids back immediately. He's screaming.
  • Arnold tells him that Muldoon has gone out to do just that.
  • Arnold goes back to the computer to check the code, line by line, hoping he can discover what Nedry did.

Chapter 37: The Road

  • Muldoon and Gennaro drive out to look for the rest of the tour group. They find Ed Regis's leg. Eeeewwww.
  • Muldoon and Gennaro wrap the leg in a tarp to take with them—you know, because finding the leg wasn't gross enough.
  • Muldoon and Gennaro locate the Land Cruisers next. One on is its side in the road, and the other is below a tree.
  • Muldoon inspects the cars and finds Tim's watch. He guesses that the kid removed it after it was broken, so he might still be alive.
  • Muldoon next spots prints in the mud.
  • Finally, Muldoon and Gennaro come upon Malcolm, injured but alive. Looks like we'll be hearing more about chaos theory.
  • The guys take Malcolm back to control.

Chapter 38: Control

  • Gennaro breaks the news to Hammond that the kids are missing.
  • Hammond says he's sure they'll be found. The park is made for kids, after all.
  • Arnold does a test to see what keystrokes Nedry used. There aren't as many as he expected.
  • One line says whte_rbt.obj. White rabbit? Is this the Matrix?
  • Arnold sees that Nedry tried to turn the safety features off to hide what he was about to do.
  • The white-rabbit code turns out to be a command to turn off the security and perimeter systems.
  • Wu goes to count the embryos.
  • Muldoon asks Sattler for her help tending to Ian Malcolm.

Chapter 39: In the Park

  • Grant takes the kids through the T. rex paddock, navigating the way back with the help of the motion sensors.
  • Grant and the kids enter a forest.
  • Tim talks to Grant about his father and about his parents' upcoming divorce.
  • Grant climbs a tree to get a look around. They're near the edge of the forest.
  • Grant comes back down and leads the kids to the fence. Lex climbs it. Although hesitant, Tim follows.
  • Next, the three cross a freezing moat. They hear the call of a Tyrannosaur.
  • After finding a concrete building, they sleep.

Chapter 40: Control

  • Yes, half of these chapters are titled Control.
  • Arnold locates the code he needs to restore the system.
  • Lights go on outside. Full power will be back soon.
  • Grant awakens with the light but falls back asleep.
  • The motion sensors start to pick up the animals again—and, Arnold hopes, the survivors.
  • There's no sign of them yet.
  • Muldoon leaves to get the escaped animals back into their paddocks.
  • Gennaro finds Malcolm in good spirits. He's on morphine. The Tyrannosaur had bitten him, picked him up, and thrown him, breaking his leg.
  • Malcolm falls asleep.
  • Sattler asks when they'll have a helicopter to fly Malcolm to a hospital.

Chapter 41: The Park 

  • Muldoon organizes a crew to remove a fallen tree from a section of fence.
  • One of the workers points out what look to be car lights in the distance.
  • Arnold explains chaos theory to Gennaro and goes into detail about why he disagrees with Malcolm's predictions.
  • Hammond tells the workers to be careful moving animals back to their homes. Harding tells him they are being careful.
  • Arnold continues debunking Malcolm's theory. He says the proof is that the park will soon be all right.
  • The T. rex has gone into the Sauropods' paddocks.
  • Muldoon says he doesn't have the equipment to subdue the T. rex, certainly not at night. Hammond is flabbergasted.
  • Muldoon reminds Hammond that he wouldn't let him purchase more than one large weapon. The one they do have is somewhere with Nedry.
  • Gennaro teases Arnold that the park is not as secure as he says.
  • Arnold tells him they have the park, even if they lose a few dinosaurs to the T. rex.

Chapter 42: Dawn

  • Grant wakes up. It's 5:00 am, so they have only six hours to call the boat back.
  • Lex is feeding a baby Triceratops. She's named it Ralph. Its mother comes for it.
  • Grant and the kids leave the building and see gigantic dragonflies.
  • Grant waves his arm before a motion sensor.
  • Meanwhile, Arnold speculates the phones are being jammed. A system restart might fix them, but it might also make things worse.
  • Still, Malcolm is dying and needs medical attention, so Arnold flips the switch.
  • Lex smells something rotten.
  • A herd of Hadrosaurs run past, honking, followed closely by the Tyrannosaur.
  • Grant and the kids bolt for it.
  • Arnold turns the power back on, and the system startup screen appears. Looks like Arnold will need to start up every system manually.
  • Arnold spots the stampeding dinosaurs on the monitor.
  • Grant takes the kids into a tree so that they're not trampled.
  • Arnold sends Gennaro to get Muldoon out to the T. rex.

Chapter 43: The Park

  • Grant watches a mom and baby Hadrosaur eat. He coughs to see their reactions, but they don't see the people unless the people move.
  • Tim suggests they take a raft to get back to the lodge.
  • Hammond calls Arnold to the genetics lab.
  • Grant and the kids look for the raft. Tim hasn't seen one; he just assumed it would be there. However, they do find a tranquilizer gun in the building.
  • And then Grant and the kids spot the T. rex. She's sleeping.
  • Grant finds a raft and drags it to the dock. He and the kids get in and push it into the lagoon.
  • Lex coughs.
  • The T. rex awakens. She chases after Grant and the kids.
  • T. rex the Elder almost has them when T. rex the Younger claims the kill. The older Tyrannosaur goes back to reclaim her breakfast.
  • The current begins to take the raft north toward the hotel.

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