Study Guide

Jurassic Park Second Iteration

By Michael Crichton

Second Iteration

Chapter 6: The Shore of the Inland Sea

  • Alan Grant digs up dinosaur bones in the Montana badlands.
  • Grant is visited by Bob Morris of the EPA. They go inside and drink beer.
  • Ellie Sattler, a paleobotanist, is there.
  • Morris explains that the EPA is concerned about the activities of the Hammond Foundation, one of the funders of Grant's expeditions.
  • The Foundation has been buying a lot of amber and has purchased an island in Costa Rica.
  • Morris asks Grant about the company InGen.
  • Grant had spoken to Donald Gennaro and done some consulting for them.
  • Gennaro used to call in the middle of the night with questions about what dinosaurs would eat.
  • Hint! Hint!
  • Morris leaves, and Grant gets a call from Alice Levin.

Chapter 7: Skeleton

  • Ellie gives the bones that have been unearthed an acid bath. She listens to Alan talk to Alice Levin on the phone.
  • Grant doesn't believe she's found a dinosaur, but he agrees to accept a fax.
  • The fax arrives.
  • It appears to be a Procompsognathus.
  • Hammond calls, and Alan puts him on speaker.
  • Hammond complains about the EPA guy and says he's on a one-man mission.
  • Hammond invites Alan and Ellie to the island for the weekend. They're hesitant.
  • Hammond says he'll pay them each sixty thousand dollars if they come.
  • Uh huh. Alan and Ellie agree.

Chapter 8: Cowan, Swain and Ross

  • Donald Gennaro meets with his boss, Daniel Ross.
  • Gennaro talks with John Hammond on the phone about the weekend assessment.
  • Gennaro doesn't trust that Hammond has everything under control on the island.
  • An inspection is overdue.
  • Gennaro is bringing in experts, but Hammond is inviting them.
  • Gennaro calls Grant, thanking him and Dr. Sattler for agreeing to visit the island. He asks about the specimen that Grant identified as a dinosaur.

Chapter 9: Plans

  • A package arrives for Alan and Ellie. It's a schematic of the island; it looks like they're building a zoo.
  • Grant takes measures to protect the digging site and the new baby raptor skeleton he's begun to unearth.
  • Ross tells Gennaro that if there's a problem on the island they should burn it to the ground.
  • Hammond and Gennaro fly to Montana to pick up Grant and Sattler. They discuss the park and talk about when it will be ready to open.
  • Hammond says he has 238 animals on the island. He reassures the lawyer that everything is fine.

Chapter 10: Hammond

  • Ross tells Gennaro to burn the island to the ground if there is a problem.
  • Gennaro meets with Hammond, who acts as though the inspection is just a social outing.
  • Hammond will admit only that there are a few snags in the operation.

Chapter 11: Choteau

  • Grant and Sattler board the private plane and meet Gennaro. They don't like him on sight.
  • Hammond explains to the lawyer who the two scientists are.
  • They all head by plane to Dallas
  • Hammond says they'll be back in 48 hours.
  • LOL.

Chapter 12: Target of Opportunity

  • Lewis Dodgson begins a meeting with Biosyn staff. He explains the opportunity InGen offers them with their cloned dinosaurs.
  • The park is one opportunity, of course, but there is also the opportunity for pets. Dinosaur pets, folks. Who wouldn't want one?
  • Dodgson informs the participants at the meeting that he has a source in InGen who can obtain examples of the dinosaurs for him.
  • No one objects to this. Evil corporation trope?

Chapter 13: Airport

  • Dodgson enters a coffee shop. He sits down next to his source.
  • The source wants to see the money. Dodgson shows him half and says the remainder is to be paid on return of fifteen embryos.
  • The man asks how he'll transport them.
  • Dodgson gives him a shaving cream canister—or what's designed to look like one.
  • The man says to have a boat waiting at the East dock.
  • The two plan to meet again on Sunday.

Chapter 14: Malcolm

  • The group traveling to the island meets Malcolm, the mathematician.
  • Malcolm expects the project to fail. He gives everyone his report to read on the plane trip.
  • Gennaro asks why Malcolm anticipates failure.
  • Malcolm explains the basics of chaos theory.

Chapter 15: Isla Nublar

  • Another passenger is picked up, a man named Dennis Nedry.
  • Grant looks at the mountains of Costa Rica.
  • The group lands on the island, which is called Isla Nublar, or "cloudy island." They meet Ed Regis, who welcomes them.
  • Grant sees a dinosaur.
  • He wasn't expecting that.

Chapter 16: Welcome

  • Now everyone sees the dinosaur, and everyone is amazed.
  • Gennaro believes they'll make a fortune.
  • Grant laughs at the implications of the technology.
  • Hammond tells everyone to follow Ed Regis for the tour.
  • They pass a sign that says WELCOME TO JURASSIC PARK.

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