Study Guide

Jurassic Park Technology and Modernization

By Michael Crichton

Technology and Modernization

Jurassic Park is a technological thriller—it's totally into issues like the dangers technological development has for human beings. Chief among these dangers is the illusion that advances in technology are automatically beneficial. Crichton questions whether modern conveniences really are as convenient as we're told, whether technology should be advanced just because it can be, and whether technology really gives us more power over our lives and our environments. While the novel doesn't want to turn us against technology, it does want us to be a little more cautious about new technologies and new technological promises.

Questions About Technology and Modernization

  1. What technologies at the park aim to give people control over it?
  2. How are science and technology related at the park?
  3. What kind of technology does Muldoon believe the park needs?
  4. In what ways is nature in Jurassic Park a technological achievement?

Chew on This

Wu is more of a technician than a scientist.

Wu is more of a scientist than a technician.

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