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James Stewart in Kidnapped

By Robert Louis Stevenson

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James Stewart

James is Alan's clan chief, Ardshiel's half brother, and one of the prime suspects in the murder of Colin Roy (although the book claims that he's innocent). He appears in Chapter 19 completely terrified for his life and for the fate of his family. He warns Alan that, in order to protect himself, he is going to put up posters seeking a reward for Alan and his Lowland friend (Davie, although the posters don't have his name on them). Even though he and Alan talked a lot about wanting Colin Roy dead, now that he is, James is a prime suspect. James presents an interesting problem. Like Alan, he is a loyal Stewart working hard for clan chief Ardshiel. But he's also willing to sell out both Alan and Davie to protect himself. Clearly, his belief in the importance of clan loyalty only goes so far.

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