Study Guide

The Kite Runner Chapter 9

By Khaled Hosseini

Chapter 9

  • The day after his birthday party, Amir opens all his presents. He gets two from Baba: a Schwinn Stingray, which is "the king of all bicycles," and a brand-new wristwatch (9.2). He throws most of his gifts in the corner because he realizes Baba wouldn't have thrown him such a lavish party if he hadn't won the kite-fighting tournament. So, they feel a little like "blood money" (9.1).
  • Ali and Hassan give Amir a really nice hardback copy of Shahnamah. It probably took some scrimping and saving on Ali and Hassan's part to afford this present.
  • In the lowest of all low deeds, Amir puts his new wristwatch and a wad of cash under Hassan's mattress. He tells Baba his stuff is missing. Baba talks to Ali; Ali finds Amir's stuff in their house. The two return to Baba's house, having had a good cry together. Baba asks Hassan if he stole the watch and money. Surprisingly enough – even for Amir – Hassan says, "Yes." Baba immediately forgives Hassan, which again surprises Amir. Isn't theft the worst of all sins? In any case, Ali and Hassan decide to leave.
  • Baba pleads with Ali to stay. Ali refuses.
  • In the pouring rain (dramatic, right?), Baba drives Ali and Hassan to the bus station. Amir considers running out to the car to confess, but he stays at the window.