Study Guide

The Lady with the Dog Dissatisfaction

By Anton Chekhov


In this story, dissatisfaction – with, marriage, family, work, and life in general – is a big motivating factor for action. Two adulterous lovers find themselves in each other's arms largely as the result of their own dissatisfied lives. Such unhappiness, however, is not so easily cured. Can sex satisfy a restless heart? Can love? What are the consequences of such decisions? "The Lady with the Dog" explores many such questions.

Questions About Dissatisfaction

  1. It seems as though Anna is constantly dissatisfied. Does being with Gurov make her happy? If not, why does she partake in the affair? Why does she continue it outside of Yalta?
  2. On that note, what would it take to make Anna happy?
  3. Both Anna and Gurov declare a "curiosity" for life. Is this curiosity satisfied by being with each other?

Chew on This

Anna and Gurov are worse off for having met each other.