Study Guide

The Lady with the Dog Love

By Anton Chekhov


From reading "The Lady with the Dog," it would seem that love is involuntary. People are made victims of it – often in the worst times, places, and circumstances – beyond their control. Love has the power to fundamentally change people, transforming their character and mindset completely. It is often painful, inconvenient, and difficult. And yet, there is something touching and beautiful about the love in this story that overshadows all the pain, the inconvenience, the difficulty. Love brings with it a hope and a promise for something better.

Questions About Love

  1. At what point does Gurov know that he's in love with Anna?
  2. How does Anna change Gurov? Is he conscious of this change?
  3. Similarly, how does Gurov change Anna?

Chew on This

Through love and communication, Gurov and Anna are able to break the barriers of isolation by the story's conclusion.