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Last of the Mohicans Chapter 24

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Chapter 24

  • Epigraph from The Iliad about how kings obey wise men.
  • Heyward is incorrect in his last assumption; Uncas comes over for a chat and pushes Heyward to the door.
  • Heyward wanders around looking for Alice, with no luck. He goes to find David.
  • He returns to the lodge to find all the chiefs reassembled.
  • One of the warriors asks him to examine his wife, who is sick. Heyward skillfully dodges the issue.
  • The chiefs are ready to leave when Magua walks in the door.
  • After ten minutes of smoking and chilling, one of the chiefs asks Magua if he found a moose.
  • Magua tells them that Reed-that-bends should go meet those returning from the hunting party.
  • Awkward silence.
  • The father of Reed-that-bends stands up and claims he has no son, then leaves to grieve in peace.
  • One of the chiefs tells Magua that the Delawares have been prowling around. He indicates Uncas.
  • The two Indians look at each other.
  • Their look turns into a death stare.
  • Magua calls out, "Le Cerf Agile!" This is Uncas's famous name.
  • All the warriors jump up, scared.
  • All of them awkwardly check Uncas out.
  • Uncas smiles.
  • Magua cries out in English: "Mohican, you die!"
  • Uncas throws shade back.
  • Magua gives a long and impassioned speech calling for Uncas's death.
  • Magua is a fantastic public speaker. One particularly compelled warrior jumps up with an axe and runs over to Uncas.
  • Magua tries to stop the blow, and only partially succeeds. Uncas gets a haircut.
  • Magua tells them that Uncas should die in the morning. Famous last words, right?
  • Magua leaves. Heyward is relieved.
  • The chief who had asked for Heyward's supposed medical advice gets up to leave and beckons Heyward to follow.
  • Heyward is glad to be out in the fresh air. The chief heads to the base of a mountain, taking a small and crooked path. The boys from earlier have resumed playing their game.
  • They have set a fire that lends an eerie quality to the scene.
  • A "dark and mysterious looking being" comes out and blocks their path.
  • It turns out to be a bear. Heyward's Huron escort continues nonplussed. Heyward emulates him. He's heard that Indians like to domesticate bears.
  • Coolest pet ever?
  • The two stop at the base of a mountain, where the Indian chief enters a cavern.
  • The bear is following them. Heyward is nervous.
  • The caverns have been subdivided into various different rooms. The Hurons keep most of their valuables here.
  • A sick woman is lying in bed surrounded by women and the missing David Gamut.
  • After one glance, Heyward is certain the woman is too sick to save. She is lying in paralysis. David plays and sings a song.
  • Heyward hears some creepy noises. Looking around, he spots the bear in the other side of the cavern signing/dancing along to the music.
  • Okay, now we want a domesticated bear. We'd definitely make him give us piggyback (beary-back?) rides.
  • David is overcome and says: "She expects you, and is at hand," and then leaves.

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