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Last of the Mohicans Chapter 27

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Chapter 27

  • Epigraph from Julius Caesar.
  • After Hawkeye and Uncas leave, the Huron warriors go back to observe their prisoner. At first the ruse works, but soon the Indians figure out that David, not Uncas, is being held captive.
  • They raise the alarm, and in two seconds there are two hundred fighting-ready Indians awaiting orders from the chiefs.
  • Naturally everyone hopes the cunning Magua is going to make an appearance. When he doesn't, they send people to find him.
  • Meanwhile, the conjurer (who has been discovered and released) and the father of the sick woman step forward to give their stories.
  • Ten chiefs are chosen to lead the investigation. They head to the caverns, where the sick woman has passed away. A strange "object" rolls their way.
  • It is Magua, and he is mad. He reveals that "la Longue carabine" is to blame for everything. He tells the tribe how they have all been deceived.
  • Earlier scouts return and report that the fugitives are almost definitely hiding in the Delaware camp.
  • Magua gives another one of his awesome speeches and becomes ruler of the tribe by popular acclaim. Runners are dispatched for more information. Everyone else is dismissed.
  • Magua heads to his dwelling, which happens to be the "neglected hut" we saw David hanging out in earlier. Magua has no wife or children—poor, lonely guy.
  • Ah, our mistake. The narrator describes Magua, scheming in his hut, as "the Prince of Darkness, brooding on his own fancied wrong and plotting evil." Magua is a jerk who doesn't deserve a wife.
  • Twenty warriors enter Magua's hut before morning. They each carry a rifle, but their war paint is peaceful.
  • Magua leads them to the beaver lake. One of the warriors effectively prays to the beavers, asking for blessing.
  • The door of the beaver lodge opens up and a large beaver pokes its head out.
  • This is taken as a good sign.
  • Too bad they all left before they could figure out the beaver is actually Chingachgook.

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