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Last of the Mohicans Chapter 31

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Chapter 31

  • Epigraph from King Henry V.
  • Uncas watches Cora leave until she disappears from view. Some Delaware warriors strip a young tree down in preparation for a pre-war ritual.
  • Uncas changes into war gear and sings a war song.
  • Uncas assumes leadership in the oncoming war, and some overeager young Indians rip apart the rest of the tree.
  • Hawkeye sends a young Indian boy to retrieve his rifle and Uncas's rifle from the forest. This is kind of a dangerous expedition, seeing as Huron spies are lurking in the woods.
  • The boy is crafty and soon comes back. Hawkeye checks his weapon over, then asks if the boy has been hurt.
  • He has; he just hasn't said anything. Hawkeye binds up the flesh wound on the boy's arm and compliments him.
  • A group is sent to dispose of the spies. This is soon accomplished. Uncas divides up his troops of over two hundred men.
  • They head into the woods, stopping only to listen to their scouts' information and hold a quick council.
  • A stranger emerges from the enemy side. Hawkeye prepares to kill him, but then realizes it is their old friend, the weirdo David Gamut.
  • Hawkeye makes contact with Gamut and brings him back to the group. He asks for an update on the Mingo movements.
  • David tells them the Indians have been very loud and profane, which is why he ran away. David just can't deal with life.
  • Hawkeye asks where the Hurons are located. David responds that they are hidden throughout the forest. Helpful.
  • Magua is with them, but he has left Cora in a cave.
  • Uncas looks to Hawkeye for advice. His friend requests twenty warriors. His plan is to head along the stream and join up with Chingachgook and Munro. He will give a whoop when they have linked up, at which point Uncas should drive to the front. They will then attack the village and rescue Cora.
  • Heyward approves of the plan. After a hasty conference to settle on signals and tactics and all that jazz, everyone separates.

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