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Legend Genre

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Dystopian Literature; Young Adult; Coming of Age

Dystopian Literature

The future that Legend paints definitely isn't a pretty one—the government controls everything with an iron fist, slums are filled with sick and overworked people, and kids aren't even guaranteed education unless they can prove themselves worthy. And it gets worse: the government also is engineering a plague that they release upon the population for experimentation purposes. Super yikes, right? Everywhere you look in this book, a worst-case scenario seems to be playing out.

Young Adult

Legend falls squarely into the young adult genre because its two protagonists are both fifteen-year-olds. Even though the subject matter is bleak, the story is still about two young teenagers who embark upon adventures, discover a lot of dirty secrets, and slowly develop a romantic relationship.

Coming of Age

This is especially a coming-of-age story for June, who despite being a prodigy is actually quite sheltered from the realities of life in the Republic. She grows up in a rich family and is coddled by her older brother and protected from harsher truths. But it's only when she gets tangled up with Day that June starts to grow up—she starts to see the injustices in the Republic and starts to feel the first real inklings of romantic affection for someone. Of course, there must be easier ways to grow up than tracking down a wanted criminal…

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