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Commander Jameson in Legend

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Commander Jameson

Ice cold—that's how anyone would describe Commander Jameson, who leads the unit that Captain Metias was in (and that June would join). Commander Jameson never shows real emotion, unless it's pleasure at capturing Day and watching him suffer. She has little compassion for other people and their personal grief too—when Metias is killed, she brings June onto the scene of the crime straight away and quizzes her:

"Tell me about what might have happened here, cadet," Commander Jameson demands. "Consider this a pop quiz. This soldier's identity should motivate you to get it right." (1.4.62) 

Commander Jameson is just incapable of understanding other people's emotions because she never gives into her own. Her life is about precision and ambition, and she's not going to let anything get in the way of that. She lives to serve the Republic, kind of like Thomas. They seem to get along just fine.

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