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Kaede in Legend

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Kaede is definitely one girl who does not give a fig what you think of her. She's a bartender in the Lake sector, a girl who participates in underground Skiz fights (usually winning), and a Patriot operating in plain daylight. She shows no fear whatsoever, even when June challenges her at the Skiz fight:

Then Kaede shouts back, "Who the hell you think ya are, talking t'me like that? Think you're better?" She points at the girl, and the crowd lets out a cheer. (1.11.21)

Kaede represents the Patriots—people who are so fed up with the Republic's treatment of citizens that they have to do something, even if it means putting themselves in danger. These are exactly the kind of people that June and Day need help from if they're going to outwit the Republic and run away.

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