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Legend Betrayal

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For a moment, just a split second, I'm on Day's side. I glance up at Commander Jameson, who stares at me as if she's reading my thoughts. It makes me uneasy. (1.6.32)

June feels bad whenever she gets a twinge of sympathy for Day… but maybe it's actually her conscience speaking up and telling her that something is very wrong with the country she's supporting.

A stab wound. Only a serrated knife could have torn my skin that way. I narrow my eyes at Kaede. Weapons are not supposed to be a part of a Skiz fight… but this is hardly a fight where the crowd follows all the rules. (1.12.13)

Kaede definitely fights dirty in the Skiz fights, which goes against the rules and against what June expected. No matter, though—she'll still win fair and square even if these unexpected betrayals crop up.

Instantly I feel guilty. How can I laugh so soon after my brother's death? These two have a strange way of making me lose my composure. (1.14.40)

It's hard for June to feel like it's okay for her to go on with her life after her brother's death. After all, they were supposed to always be there for each other. How could she possibly be happy now?

I've acted like an idiot in front of Metias's murderer. Have the streets of Lake turned me into some simpleminded girl? Have I just shamed the memory of my brother? (1.18.5)

When June figures out that the boy she likes is actually Day, she feels betrayed in two different ways—she feels like she's been duped and she feels like she's messed up and brought shame upon her brother's memory.

I feel a surprising pang of guilt. He trusts me—truly, stupidly, wholeheartedly trusts me. (1.20.4)

It's what she always wanted to do—to bring down Day—but when she actually does set the plan in motion, June can't help but feel like she's doing something bad.

They've sent her to hunt me down.

And now, because of my idiocy, she has tracked me right to my family. She may have even killed Tess. I close my eyes—I'd trusted this girl, had been duped into kissing her. Even falling for her. The thought makes me blind with rage. (1.21.37-38)

The pain that Day feels when he realizes that he's been duped is strong… because this girl that he liked—that he was attracted to—lied to him, his family will have to suffer the consequences. He's not the only one getting screwed over.

I feel wrong… like I did a terrible thing by betraying a boy who trusted me. (2.2.4)

After the whole debacle with taking Day into custody, June doesn't feel any better. She thought that avenging Metias's death would have brought her peace, but now she just feels like she has blood on her hands.

What if I'm eating dinner with my brother's murderer? Logic. Caution and logic. Out of the corner of my eye, I see Thomas's hands. What if those are thehands that stabbed Metias straight through the heart? (2.10.13)

The worst part of this whole situation is that June has to act normally around Thomas all the time, even though she suspects that he's the person who ruined her life and killed her brother. Does she hate him as much as she hated Day initially?

He said he'd keep it a secret. I think I can trust him. It's just a little nerve-wracking to have anyone know even the smallest bit about my suspicions. I mean, you know how he gets sometimes. (2.10.76)

Metias made a terrible mistake in trusting Thomas—that much is clear in his secret diaries. He thought that he could trust his best friend with the fact that he was digging into the records of their parents' death, but it turns out that Thomas was never his friend.

Then June leans over and whispers in my ear. "Don't try it again," she says, "because you won't be able to do it alone. You'll need my help." (2.11.34)

When June finally makes the decision to turn her back on the Republic, she goes all the way. She's not going to just dissent from the sidelines—nope, she's going to help their most high profile criminal escape.

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