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What happens next is a blur. I see Metias tense up to fire his gun. I throw my knife at him with all my strength. Before he can fire, my knife hits him hard in the shoulder and he falls backward with a thud. (1.3.61)

Day may hate everything that the Republic stands for, but he doesn't hate Republic officials enough to kill one. He injures Metias, but only enough to allow himself the opportunity for escape.

But someone else he knows must, someone he cares enough about to risk his life for. Someone living in Blueridge or Lake or Winter or Alta, sectors all recently affected by the plague. If this is true, Day won't be leaving the city anytime soon. He's bound here by this connection, motivated by emotions. (1.4.81)

June realizes quickly that Day (when she thinks he's a criminal) makes some decisions out of an emotional obligation. He may be smart and clever, but he's still prone to irrationality when it comes to the people that he loves.

If it were up to me, I'd cross the whole country alone and escape into the Colonies first chance I got. I don't mind risking my own life. But there are a dozen reasons I can't go, and Tess knows it. (1.5.53)

It would be far safer for Day and Tess to go into the Colonies, but he can't do that. He's made the choice to stay close to his family in order to make sure that they're safe and healthy. He can't leave them to the mercy of the Republic.

The commander shakes her head at my silence. "Okay, Iparis," she says to the Girl. "We've tried your tactic. Now let's try mine." She turns to the dark-haired captain and nods once. "Cop her." (1.21.52)

Commander Jameson and Thomas don't even hesitate when it comes to killing innocent citizens. Their choices show that they have a serious disregard for life—at least when it comes to the expendable poor who live in the slums.

"I've never worked with the Patriots," I snap. "If I ever kill, I'll do it on my own terms." (2.7.14)

Day acts as a bit of a lone ranger because he's not trying to join a movement; he actually has a personal vendetta against the Republic based off of his experiences. Does he want all the glory for himself, or does he just not want to get political about it?

"Well, let me tell you a secret. I'm from a poor sector too. But I followed the rules. I worked my way up. I earned my country's respect. The rest of you people just sit around and complain and blame the state for your bad luck. Bunch of dirty, lazy cons." (2.7.36)

Instead of choosing to feel empathy and compassion toward his fellow citizens in the poor sectors, Thomas goes in the exact opposite direction. He treats poor people like they're trash, and doesn't want anything to do with them.

If you want to rebel, rebel from inside the system. That's much more powerful than rebelling outside the system. And if you choose to rebel, bring me with you. (2.10.66)

Metias chooses to tell June everything that he knows because he wants her to know the truth about the Republic—and to make her own decisions about it. He wants to give her the opportunity to see past all of the lies that they tell.

I've made up my mind. By the end of this week, I'll tell Commander Jameson that I'm going to withdraw from her patrol. I'll complain about the hours and say that I don't see you enough. Something like that. (2.10.78)

Poor Metias—his decision to quit actually seals the deal when it comes to his death. The Republic is brutal and is certainly not going to let someone with that much inside knowledge and intelligence survive.

I'm going to help Day escape. (2.10.106)

This is a huge decision for June—it means turning her back on everything she's been raised into, and all the privilege that she's accumulated. This is saying goodbye to her social standing, to her opportunities, to her beautiful apartment and financial rewards. Do you think it's worth it?

One thing I do know. Even if June's plans fail, even if I'm going to be isolated and friendless when I head out to the firing squad… I'm going to fight. (2.15.6)

Day doesn't go down quietly. Even if he's alone, he knows that he's not going to let the Republic just kill him without putting on a show.

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