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In that instant, I realize that he knows exactly who I am. He won't say it out loud, though. Like other people in our sector who have realized who I am and helped me in the past, he doesn't exactly disapprove of the trouble I cause for the Republic. (1.5.47)

The Republic would like everyone to believe that dissenters are rare, but that's not true. In poor areas like the Lake sector, a lot of people disagree with what the government has been doing. Day actually finds people to help him quite often.

I still can't get used to the crumbling walls, the lines of worn clothing hanging from balconies, the clusters of young beggars hoping for a bite to eat from passerby… but at the very least, my disdain has faded. I think back with some shame on the night of Metias's funeral, when I'd left a giant steak untouched on my plate, without a second thought. (1.14.47)

The reality of the slums shocks June. She always believed that the Republic was a beautiful, wonderful place, but she soon sees that people are literally starving in the streets outside.

And that's when I remember, with a nauseating feeling, the pendant in my pocket. Day's pendant. (1.16.26)

It's a pretty sickening realization when June discovers that this new boy that she really likes is actually the boy she's been hunting down this whole time. What's she going to do with this nugget of knowledge?

It's strange to hear her say my old name again. I rush to take Mom's injured hands in my own. They're shaking. "There's no time to explain." I try to ignore the expression in her eyes. […] How do I face a mother who's thought I was dead for so many years? (1.21.16)

That must be a bizarre and overwhelming revelation for Day's mother—the son she thought was dead this whole time is actually alive, and he's here to try to save her.

So. This is why she hunted me down. I take a deep breath. "Your brother. I didn't kill him—I couldn't have. Unlike you trigger-happy trots, I don't kill people." (2.1.42)

Day is actually the person who's telling the truth here. Thomas and Commander Jameson are both totally aware that he didn't kill Metias, but June doesn't know this—she still is operating under the Republic's lies.

"I wish I could have stopped Thomas. You and I are enemies, make no mistake about that… but I did not wish for such a thing to happen." (2.1.57)

Even though June knows that she's supposed to treat Day with complete disdain, she can't help but feel guilty about his mom's death. She has to apologize for it because she knows how much he must be hurting.

The Day that killed my brother is a cruel, ruthless criminal. But who is the Day I met on the streets? Who is this boy that would risk his own safety for a girl he didn't know? (2.2.13)

Some things don't add up if June follows the Republic's stories. After all, it really doesn't seem like Day would ruthlessly kill Metias—he's a much more sensitive and loving person than that. Who's she supposed to believe?

Day didn't fail his Trial. Not even close. In fact, he got the same score I did: 1500/1500. I am no longer the Republic's only prodigy with a perfect score. (2.2.84)

The Republic has been lying to Day this whole time. He thought he failed his Trial, but in reality he's another prodigy. They lied to him and kept him from all the opportunities that he deserved.

They also run individual plague experiments on some of the children who fail the Trial. They don't go to labor camps, June.

None of them do.

They die. (2.10.69-71)

In his blog posts, Metias spares no details. He needs June to understand the truth so that she'll recognize the gravity of the situation and understand that she can't continue to follow the Republic blindly.

My head hurts. Too many memories, too many revelations. No wonder Commander Jameson had Metias's body taken away so fast. I'd been stupid enough to think she did it out of sympathy. No wonder she organized his funeral. Even my test mission to track Day must've been a diversion to distract me while they tossed out ay remaining evidence. (2.10.86)

June is going through a very difficult time. She lost all her family, tried to pour all her energy into being a good agent, and now realizes that the government she put all her faith in has been destroying all the people that she loves. What's a girl to do?

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