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Legend Chapter 10

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Chapter 10


  • Back at Batalla Hall, June is arguing with Thomas over how she wants to be the one tracking Day in the field—he thinks that he should be the one to go.
  • In the meantime, Commander Jameson is busy torturing a spy from the Colonies. Charming.
  • Commander Jameson calls June and Thomas into the interrogation room and tells them that she (a.k.a. the spy he's been torturing) just told him that the Colonies' airships will target his hometown next.
  • Thomas takes his turn punching and torturing the spy, which makes June feel slightly uncomfortable. He seems to enjoy it way too much.
  • That night Thomas takes June back to her apartment, kisses her on the cheek, and wishes her good luck with her mission.
  • She prepares by hanging out with her dog, Ollie, and listening to Day's voice over and over again so that she can memorize how he sounds.
  • June goes into the Lake sector, dressed in thrift store clothes (what's up, Macklemore) and smeared with dirt.
  • She spends her time digging around in garbage bins and listening to the other beggars, hoping to learn something about Day. She even eats gross food that she finds in the dumpster.
  • Finally, on the fourth day, she stumbles upon a Skiz fight. This should be interesting.

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