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Legend Chapter 11

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Chapter 11


  • Skiz fights are pretty much illegal fights that people bet on, and Day is watching from afar as Tess goes down to the fight in order to bet on the fighters.
  • The cute bartender, Kaede, is down there ready to fight. She's just won a match and so she has to fight until she loses a round.
  • They're placing bets on Kaede in order to hopefully raise the money for their plague cure.
  • Poor Tess gets shoved into the center of the fighting ring and Kaede takes it as a challenge for her next fight.
  • Day's prepared to run in and save Tess, but another girl steps in and defends Tess, saying that it doesn't look like a fair fight.
  • The girl is taller than Tess and has dark hair tied back in a ponytail. Day checks her out admiringly from afar. He can tell she's probably a good fighter.
  • She tries to refuse a fight from Kaede, but can't back out of it. Tess looks over at Day, and even though he's admiring this girl, he decides to play it safe and put his money on Kaede.
  • But as soon as the girl gets ready to fight, he can tell he's made a big mistake. She strikes right away.

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