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Legend Chapter 12

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Chapter 12


  • June's not so worried about losing the fight when she stumbles into the Skiz match; she's more concerned about killing her opponent.
  • She and Kaede start fighting, and even though Kaede is powerful, June is defter and has far more experience fighting.
  • Kaede has a trick up her sleeve though—she stabs June in the side even though it's totally against the rules. Cheater.
  • June gets her revenge soon enough, though, by twisting Kaede's arm and breaking it so that she drops her knife.
  • Even though June's supposed to choose another person to fight now that she's won, she just leaves.
  • The crowd gets really angry because they still want to bet on the game, but June runs off; then a boy comes over to her and tells her to come with him.

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