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Legend Chapter 13

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Chapter 13


  • The girl that Day's rescued isn't going to tell her his name, which is fine since Day sure isn't going to give away his name either.
  • Day is kind of upset because he lost the bet and now can't buy plague cure, but Tess really wanted to save the girl.
  • They camp out in an abandoned library and Day finds himself checking the girl out some more even though he's mad at her; he even thinks about kissing her.
  • They talk a little bit and the girl says that she's from the Tanagashi sector and travels a lot.
  • While Tess stays with the girl, Day sneaks out to check on his family.
  • When he sneaks in, he overhears John and Mom talking about Eden and how he's not doing very well—the plague suppressants aren't doing much for him.
  • Day is outside when he finds a number inscribed outside: 2544. He frowns and wonders what it is.

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