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Legend Chapter 14

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Chapter 14


  • June wakes up in the morning and realizes that she has to find some way to communicate with Thomas since her mouthpiece has been off this whole time.
  • She heads down to the water and turns the mouthpiece on to tell Thomas exactly where she is and what happened, since he's pretty peeved.
  • Thomas asks her if she thinks the boy who saved her is Day, and she says that she doesn't think so.
  • June spends time with the boy and Tess and starts to like them a lot—it's pretty fun to be around people her own age.
  • That night when they settle down, the boy takes off his vest to give to Tess to use as a pillow. June and the boy stay up and talk for a little bit.
  • She notices that he has a limp, but he says that he got it a long time ago. The boy helps her dress her wounds and June gets a little hot and bothered. After all… he's pretty attractive.
  • June finds that she doesn't want to leave them just yet. She falls asleep crying while thinking of Metias.

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