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Legend Chapter 16

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Chapter 16


  • That night, the same thing happens again—June and the boy stay up talking while Tess sleeps.
  • The boy is in a great mood because he's managed to swipe a bottle of nectar wine, and they're drinking and chatting when June asks him why he needs so much money.
  • The boy just says that money can buy happiness, and then tells June that she's very attractive—she's caught off guard and tells him that he's attractive too. Yay for flirting.
  • Things are getting pretty tense (in a good way), so June tries to say that she's going to go to sleep, but the boy leans in and kisses her.
  • June is pretty breathless from the whole thing, and she can't quite go to bed after they've kissed.
  • As she's staying up and watching the boy though, she realizes that he grabs at his neck as he sleeps—almost as though he's missing some kind of necklace that he used to have.
  • She realizes with a jolt that they found a pendant at the scene of Metias's death that belonged to Day… so the boy she just kissed is probably Day too. Uh-oh…

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