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Legend Chapter 21

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Chapter 21


  • Day has very little time to think about what he's going to do. He runs through the crowds and gets to his family home, and without thinking, he just rushes into the house.
  • His mom is obviously totally confused because all this time she has been convinced he is dead. She also calls him Daniel, which is apparently his real name.
  • Day tells her that they need to leave because the government is coming to collect Eden, but she's pretty distracted by the fact that her previously dead son has appeared out of nowhere. We feel you, Mom.
  • Eden isn't looking too good, and they pick him up and go hide under the porch where they huddle together in the corner and wait for the soldiers.
  • Day decides to go up in order to throw off the soldiers, so he clambers onto the roof to see all the soldiers… and the girl.
  • At first Day's pretty confused. Why is the girl even here? But then he realizes that she looks like the soldier—Metias—who he encountered at the hospital, and he understands that the girl's been working for the government this whole time. Yikes.
  • He's pretty upset that he's allowed this to happen, and he watches frozen as he sees the soldiers take his family out from the floorboards.
  • Day has no choice. He takes out some bullets and puts them into his slingshot, firing at the soldiers.
  • The girl steps forward and tells Day that she knows he's somewhere around here, and that he needs to reveal himself. She promises that no one will get hurt.
  • As the girl is pleading with Day though, the commander steps forward and pushes her aside. She tells a captain to kill Day's mom, and before he can react, the captain shoots his mom in the head.

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