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Legend Chapter 22

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Chapter 22


  • June watches in horror as Thomas shoots the woman, and then turns to see Day jumping down from the roof.
  • Day is screaming and trying to run toward his mother, but the commander shoots him in the leg and takes him into custody. The whole time, June feels sick to her stomach.
  • As June watches them take Day and his brothers into custody, she asks the commander why he shot Day's mother. Commander Jameson just laughs and says that they didn't want to be there all night negotiating.
  • Thomas comes up to June and congratulates her, but all she can think about is how he just murdered someone and how he followed orders so blindly.
  • June looks at the dead woman and tries to feel happy that she's avenged her brother's death, but she can't summon up positive feelings—instead she just feels sick.

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