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Legend Chapter 3

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Chapter 3


  • Day remembers how his dad came back from his job on the warfront when he was seven.
  • The Republic brought him back bloodied and broken because they'd questioned him at the police office.
  • Some nights later, Day takes a slingshot and sends a fireball into the police headquarters, starting a fire. It's his very first crime.
  • Now Day is intent on sneaking into the hospital in order to steal some plague medicine for his family. He's disguised himself and dyed his hair black for the occasion as well.
  • He comes into the hospital and pretends to be stabbed in a fight, and then steals a soldier's ID card and sneaks around in order to find the plague medicine.
  • Once inside the big room—where he had once been tested on after his Trial—Day takes a doctor hostage and asks for the plague medicine.
  • When he gets into the refrigerator though, he finds that they're all out of the plague cures and only have suppressants and painkillers. Bummer.
  • Day jumps out the window to make his escape, but he's stopped by Metias, the young captain that he saw earlier.
  • Metias tells him that he's under arrest, but Day throws a knife at his shoulder (so he won't wound him fatally) and disappears down the sewer. He's pretty wounded himself, but he's not going to stop.
  • Day stumbles along and keeps running until he totally blacks out.

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