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Legend Chapter 4

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Chapter 4


  • June remembers the day that Metias was inducted into the Republic military and decided to stay home and take care of her instead since she was sick.
  • She is waiting at home for Metias to come home when Thomas comes to the door. She immediately knows that something is wrong.
  • Thomas tells June that Metias has been killed and that she needs to come with him to the hospital to meet with Commander Jameson.
  • In the car June notices that Thomas has rifle grease on his forehead.
  • When June gets to the hospital, Commander Jameson confirms that Metias is dead and tells June that she's been allowed to graduate early in order to become an agent.
  • They go to look at Metias's dead body and Commander Jameson asks June to tell her what happened here. June immediately starts examining the body and scene of the crime for clues. Nothing fazes this girl.
  • When Commander Jameson leaves her alone though, June starts crying and vows to herself that she will hunt down her brother's killer.
  • Later on, she sits at the apartment with Ollie, her dog, and studies a pendant necklace that she found at the scene of the crime.
  • Apparently Thomas is now taking over Metias's place and June is joining the patrol as a detective agent in training. Fancy.
  • She thinks that Day killed her brother and knows that he must be looking for some plague medicine—so he must know someone who is sick from the plague.
  • The one thing that trips June up is the fact that Day's never killed anyone before… Why is he starting now?
  • She sits and examines the pendant and formulates a plan for how she's going to track Day down.

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