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Legend Chapter 5

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Chapter 5


  • Day dreams about being home and watching his mom try to cook with injured hands while his little brother Eden draws soldiers breaking into their home. How pleasant.
  • When he wakes up, Tess is checking in on him and tells him that he's been out for two days and that they're hiding in someone's house.
  • She tells him that she's been taking care of him and that she got the plague suppressants over to his family—Eden is the family member who is sick.
  • An older man comes in and gives them chili. This is his house and he's letting them stay because he had a son who worked at the warfront and died of the plague.
  • Day eats all of the chili and bread since he's pretty hungry—being out cold for a couple of days will do that to you.
  • The old man comes in and tells them that they should leave soon because someone is looking for Day and telling people that they have plague cures for people who need it.
  • In that moment, Day realizes that the old man knows that he is Day but helped him anyway. He thanks him and he and Tess start running.
  • Tess wants to leave the city, but Day can't because he has to be closer to his family.
  • Even though Day knows it's dangerous, he tells Tess that he still wants to know what the man who's looking for him has to say and to see if he actually does have plague cures.

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