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Legend Chapter 7

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Chapter 7


  • Day has put on a disguise and wanders around the sector, looking for any information he can on the person who's looking for him.
  • He gets to a Chinese-themed bar and goes over to talk to the bartender, a pretty girl who also participates in the underground Skiz fights.
  • The bartender tells him that the guy who's looking for someone who needs the plague medicine wants that person to meet him at the ten-second place tonight. Only Day knows what that means.
  • The ten-second place refers to a bank that Day broke into in ten seconds. With the money from that bank bust, he bought an electro-bomb, a weapon that disables guns around it.
  • Day finishes up flirting with that cute bartender and decides that he's going to go to the ten-second place. This guy doesn't shy away from danger.

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