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Legend Chapter 8

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Chapter 8


  • June has dressed up in a mask and disguise for her mission to go meet with Day, since she wants to look completely genderless and unidentifiable—she knows that she's probably not going to catch Day tonight, and she's hoping that she'll learn more about him so that she can track him more easily.
  • When she gets there, Day's rewired all the speakers so that he can talk to her without giving away where he is. He uses to term cousin, which alerts her to the fact that he's probably from the Lake sector.
  • Day asks her how much she wants for the plague cure, and then says that the knot on her outfit looks like it's a military knot. Before she can really respond, he disappears.
  • Because Commander Jameson won't agree to rounding up everyone in the Lake sector who's marked with the plague, she'll have to follow Day into the Lake sector and hunt him down herself.

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